The Tuning Process

From start to finish, take a look at the step by step process each Flash Diesel agent goes through to ensure that the calibration that we write for your vehicle achieves the exact result you want.

Dyno Graphs Explained

"The Big Fella" guides you through the dyno process and gives you an insight into why dyno graphs aren't always representative of how a vehicle actually drives on the road on a day to day basis.

79 Series

Serious Toyota Towing Power
This 79 Series Toyota carries a big load on the back, and tows an even bigger load behind it on a daily basis. Presented to us from the boys at On and Off-Road Mechanical Brendale, the request was simple: More Power, More Torque without affecting drive quality. Not only were we able to achieve gains of over 60 Kw and over 200Nm of torque, the overall driveability on the road has improved considerably.

Because we can control every facet of the computer mapping, all of this can be achieved without any adverse effects on engine reliability. This is one of the key areas we target when calibrating diesel engines.


Craig from Highfields Offroad
Flash Diesel and the team at Highfields Offroad will be at Farmfest 2016 showcasing their range of products and services for agricultural machinery as well as 4x4 passenger and commercial vehicles.

In the commercial world, increased power and torque means increased productivity, and a saving in fuel costs, so if you're keen to find out more about Flash Diesel tuning services, head on over to Farm Fest 7-9 June.. bring your tractor!


2 Requests
Rod presented his SR5 hilux to us with 2 objectives, make more power and use less fuel. The hilux cops a fair hammering during the week with work duties, and on the weekend it plays just as hard. We were able to sit down and discuss with Rod what his expectation of the ute was and how we intended to approach the tuning process to achieve the result he was after.

From the moment he drove the upgraded Hilux he was a happy man, and 3 months later he's still just as happy with the result! Thanks for the kind words Rod.


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