Flash Diesel - Power Plus

Precision Engineering for Safe, Reliable Results
With the view to extract the most from your vehicle with a focus on reliability and durability, Flash Diesel offers a range of vehicle enhancements to suit every requirement. From performance exhaust systems designed, developed and tested in-house, to intercooler units built and supplied by Australia's leading manufacturer, we have assembled the best components to produce the desired result. Available at various performance levels, the Power Plus range comprises all of (or a combination of) the following components:
- Flash Diesel ECU Calibration
- FD Performance Exhaust
- Hi-Flow Air Filter
- Intercooler and Pipe Kit

Flash Diesel Exhaust - Built to a standard, not a price.
The Flash Diesel Exhaust range is built from 409 grade Stainless Steel and in most applications utilises 4 bolt flanges and high performance, diesel specific catalytic converters. Extensive testing on our in-house dyno facility during the development stage allowed us to build a system that produced better flow, without adversely affecting low RPM boost. Benefits include: Lower Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT), Better flow without compromising low RPM boost, and Increased Power and Torque. In most cases our performance exhaust will also smooth out the power curve giving you a consistent power delivery.

Hi-Flow Air Filter
Improving the way your engine breathes is a critical part of the overall equation. For the most part, manufacturers use restrictive paper type air filters because they are inexpensive and they suppress intake noise. Fitting a hi-flow, reusable air filter improves intake efficiency and essentially allows the engine to breathe better.

Holistic Approach
By combining precision ECU remapping with a hi-flow air filter and a performance exhaust system we are able to optimise engine performance. This method produces more power and torque than just re-mapping alone, without adversely effecting durability or reliability. It also improves exhaust gas temperatures which may assist if your vehicle is heavy or tows considerable weight.

PWR Intercooler Kits
Free flowing cold air equals more horsepower, so temperature regulation is critical to your engine performance. PWR’s fully engineered intercooler and pipe kit is specially designed to replace your factory setup. It's heavy duty, square-faced tube and fin design is tested and manufactured here in the harsh Australian conditions for maximum durability.

Fully TIG welded, the kit is available in polished aluminium or Stealth Black powder coating. Unleash your vehicles’s full potential by combining the PWR intercooler and pipe kit with a Flash Diesel ECU Remap.

Power +1

+ Custom ECU Remap
+ Performance Exhaust

Power +2

+ Custom ECU Remap
+ Performance Exhaust
+ Hi-Flow Air Filter

Power +3

+ Custom ECU Remap
+ Performance Exhaust
+ Hi-Flow Air Filter
+ Intercooler


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