Just like you, thousands of diesel vehicle owners in Australia search for information on diesel tuning online monthly, in their quest to get more power from their diesel engine vehicle.

Fortunately, the diesel engines available today, have unique sensors that are controlled by Engine Control Units, which can be diesel tuned to enhance the performance of the engine.

Flash Diesel specializes in diesel tuning that will enhance the performance of your vehicle. We can adjust variables such as ignition timing, fuel, and boost pressure, and more, to provide you with increased power, torque, and fuel economy.

We ensure that we deliver great diesel services that will not cause damage to your vehicle, nor modify the principal functionalities of the components of your engine.

Diesel Australia

Benefits of
Diesel Tune Australia

Having your vehicle tuned by a diesel tune Australia expert such as Flash Diesel, offers several outstanding benefits, such as,

Increase in fuel economy by up to 20%

Increase in horsepower by as much as 200 horsepower

Increase in vehicle speed and twisting force.

Flash Diesel
Tuning Services

At Flash Diesel, our main goal is to help you get the perfect enhancement to your diesel engine that you need, such as increased power and fuel economy, while retaining the safety parameters in your engine. We offer a wide range of tuning services that will suit your needs, irrespective of the model of your vehicle and capacity of your engine. Our diesel tuning services include:

• ECU Remapping
• Horsepower Modification
• Dyno Tuning and Diagnostics
• Diesel Chips Installation
• DPF Cleaning, and more.

Diesel Tuning Services
You Can Rely On

A vehicle that is badly tuned will have an increase in exhaust smoke, as the engine will generate more soot. Bad diesel tuning can also cause the damage of expensive components in your vehicle, such as the gearboxes, the catalytic converters, and the cooling system. Therefore, diesel tuning is not a DIY job, but a procedure that must be done by an experienced tuning expert such as Flash Diesel.

Flash Diesel is a diesel vehicle specialist that has been delivering expert tuning services of different types of diesel trucks, for years. We utilize the latest diagnostic system to evaluate and diagnose your diesel engine, before recommending our expert opinion on the type of tuning service you need. Furthermore, our professional technicians are experienced experts, who can carry out effective, and reliable tuning of your diesel engine to suit your needs and budget.

Diesel Tuning Services You Can Rely On