Flash Tuning

Diesel Performance Chips (DPC) and Flash Tuning are used for enhancing the performance of diesel engine vehicles. DPCs are indirect tuning devices that boost diesel engine power by pushing more fuel and increasing the line pressure.

Using DPCs was a popular method of enhancing diesel engine power a couple of years ago when vehicle computers were not as complex as they are today. Nevertheless, Diesel performance chips are still used to give diesel engines some performance boost.

Today, with the advancement in technology, Flash tuning, which is also known as ECU remapping, is used to enhance the performance of diesel engines. Unlike DPCs, which cannot effectively modify all key parameters, ECU remapping can modify all relevant parameters when tuning your vehicle.

Thus, ECU remapping is the favored method of tuning your diesel engine vehicle as it produces more power and torque and ensures that all your vehicle’s functionality and safety features work as your vehicle’s manufacturers intended.

DPC VS Flash Tuning

Efficient DPC and
Flash Tuning Services

Both DPC and Flash Tuning provide several performance benefits to your diesel engine vehicle, including better acceleration, more power, and torque, as well as up to 20% saving on fuel consumption. At Flash Diesel, we are committed to helping diesel car owners get the full-performance their diesel engine is capable of having. Thus, we provide efficient DPC and flash tuning services that will boost your diesel engine performance.

Our professional technicians are experts at installing high-quality diesel performance chips and carrying out outstanding flash tuning on diesel vehicles to unleash their hidden power.

If you can’t decide on the best service for your vehicle, our expert technicians are available to guide you in choosing the right tuning service for your needs and budget.

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