Remapping Benefits

DTA remapping involves rewriting your vehicle ECU standard parameter to enhance the performance of your vehicle.

The parameters, which are modified within the capability of the engine, are uploaded on to your vehicle’s ECU to ensure that it is running at its optimum capacity.

DTA Remapping at Flash Diesel offers several benefits.

Flash Diesel

Safe and Reliable
DTA Remapping

No Engine Modification

Although DTA Remapping is a process that involves the modification of the parameters of the ECU, it does not involve the alteration of the engine in any way. Thus, it leaves the ECU still in charge of running your vehicle only that it’s done at maximum capacity.

No Engine Work

DTA remapping does not involve the cutting or tampering of anything under your bonnet. With Flash Diesel DTA remapping, your engine stays just as it was manufactured, as we do not unscrew anything, or wire any components into your engine.

Easily Reversible

DTA Remapping can be easily reversed, as we retain all your ECU’s inbuilt safety features. Thus, we can over write the tuned maps and revert your ECU back to factory settings, if you wish. We also retain a copy of the performance tune, so you can easily retune your vehicle after returning it to factory setting, either on purpose or during a diagnostic procedure.

Cost Effective
DTA Remapping

When we remap your diesel engine ECU, we modify several parameters to suit your needs, such as turbocharger boost pressure, throttle response, fuel rail pressure, fuel injector duty cycle, torque management, and more. What’s more, we do all of these at a more affordable price than most of our competitors.

We run a dyno diagnosis before and after remapping, as well as provide you with a dyno graph. We also back up your ECU setting before and after mapping, so you can come back anytime to have it reversed. We provide value for your money and guarantee your satisfaction.

Get Superior
Flash Diesel DTA Remapping

At Flash Diesel, we deliver the best DTA remapping service in Australia. We provide a superior remapping result by tuning your vehicle to a standard that matches your engine rather than a desired figure that will harm your engine. Our experienced, expert technicians follow a set of tuning guidelines that ensure that the safety parameters put in place by your vehicle’s manufacturer is not exceeded.

DTA remapping benefits