Chip tuning is the process of optimizing the ECU parameters using an auxiliary control device known as a performance chip.

The device, which is usually a programmable read-only memory chip, is placed between the engine controls and the sensors, to upgrade your vehicle performance by up to 30%.

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Chip Tuning Works

ECU chip tuning involves the use of a performance chip to improve a diesel engines power and torque and increase fuel economy. The chips are highly sophisticated products, which are placed in between the engine control unit and the sensors. These modify a variety of electronic signals in real time, to enhance the performance of your diesel vehicle to suit your needs.

ECU chip tuning ensures that your diesel engine ignition timing and air/fuel ratio is spot on, increases your boost, and more to enable your vehicle run at optimum performance. The process can be done on a wide range of modern diesel engine to enhance their performance. Watch these few videos below to see how ECU chip tuning at Flash Diesel works.

Flash Diesel ECU Chip Tuning

At Flash Diesel, we provide outstanding chip tuning services that will enable you to enjoy better engine performance, as well as increased fuel economy. We utilize the highest quality performance chips suitable for your vehicle and our highly-trained, expert technicians are experienced at installing them safely and quickly into your vehicle. We do not cut any wires or tamper with any of your engine components during performance chip installation, and we can also reverse the process and return your vehicle to its standard setting, whenever you like.

Flash Diesel ECU Chip Tuning