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Flash Diesel vs DTA Australia

For diesel tuning, you may have looked at DTA Australia as an option but have you considered Flash Diesel? Flash Diesel is a leading provider of flash tuning and ECU Remapping systems. We use flash diesel equipment and technology to tune diesel vehicles and optimise their performance. This means every tune file is customised to suit customer requirements and ensure more benefits for the vehicle.

What is Flash Diesel?

Flash Diesel is specialised equipment used for tuning diesel vehicles and is used in leading performance centres. It was developed for Australian vehicles with 100% local support—the epitome of “made by Australians for Australians”.

DTA Australia

Benefits of Flash Diesel

Eliminate flat spots

Increase torque and power

Improved pedal and throttle response

Smoother acceleration and improved drivability

The Flash Diesel Difference

DTA Australia may offer similar benefits to Flash Diesel, but we have an edge over the competition for several reasons. The Flash Diesel difference includes the following features:

Torque increase

This gives you a more responsive and safety enhanced vehicle without burning more fuel. This is carried out in a safe spot.

Power increase

We use Dyno Custom Tuning to give power at the wheels an extra 20% on average.

Better fuel economy

With less fuel burned as torque is increased, an ECU remap will save you between 10% and 20% in fuel consumption. This translates to more savings in your pocket too.

Why to Choose Flash Diesel
Over DTA Australia

DTA Australia may perform diesel tuning like Flash Diesel, but we believe there are several reasons you should choose us. These include:

  • Experience. More than 10 years of ECU remapping, flat tuning, diesel flash tune, and more make them skilled and knowledgeable of the process. Combine this with continuous learning and improvements and you know that your vehicle is in good hands.
  • Special diagnostics tools. Like any doctor, the availability and use of top-level equipment make the Flash Diesel calibration team become better at their job. Flash Diesel technologies have continuously been improved and using it spells safe ECU remapping.
  • State-of-the-art facility. Special diagnostic tools only deserve to be installed and used in a top-level facility.
Why Choose Flash Diesel Over DTA Australia
What To Expect During An ECU Remapping

What to expect during an ECU Remapping

Visual inspection will be carried out, particularly under the bonnet to check for oil and pipe leaks, and with the wheels and suspensions for any issues that will affect dyno readings. The intake system and exhaust system will also be visually inspected.

After visual inspection, a computer scan is carried out to identify other issues that will make the ECU remapping less safe. This is followed by a dyno test to check the engine performance. It should be close to how it's expected to perform. Otherwise, fixes are required. When the engine passes the dyno test, the ECU remapping starts. Once completed, another dyno test is performed to ensure optimum engine performance.

Before going with DTA Australia call Flash Diesel to find out more about our flash tuning.