The Engine Control Unit (ECU) is the brain of all vehicles and are found in all modern cars and vans today.

It contains a small processor that analyses information from various sensors in the vehicle's engine, such as the engine temperature, oxygen content in burnt exhaust, accelerator pedal angle, and other important parameter, to enable it control your vehicle performance.

ECU Remapping

Benefits of
ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping at Flash Diesel offers several benefits, including:

Improved engine power and torque figure

Decreased fuel consumption

Enhancing your throttle response

Increased torque for full loads

Unlocking hidden power and torque

Drive at lower speed in higher gear

Enhance Your Diesel Engine Performance
With Flash Diesel ECU Remapping

ECU Remapping is a process of reconfiguring your vehicle’s ECU to enhance its performance. The process involves the adjustment of the various standard parameters in your vehicle’s ECU, such as boost pressure, fuel pressure, throttle pedal control, and more to enhance your vehicle’s performance and economize fuel usage.

At Flash Diesel we fine tune your diesel engine parameters to unleash more power and decrease fuel consumption. Our expert technicians ensure that you have the right performance and emission control when you are zooming down the motorway, overtaking another vehicle, pulling away, and more.

Safe and Efficient
ECU Remapping For Your Vehicle

Flash Diesel’s ECU Remapping process is completely safe, as we do not change any hardware, but just give your engine your desired performance capability by modifying the existing operating parameters in the ECU. Our ECU remapping process is safely done via the onboard diagnostic port in the vehicle.

In some cases, our professional technicians will have to remove your vehicle’s ECU and use specialized tools to read the ECU Map from the processing chip, and then adjust the parameters to maximize your engine’s performance, and fuel economy. Depending on your vehicle and the type of ECU it has, we can carry out an ECU Remapping in under an hour. We can also return your ECU to its original mapping if you like, as we always backup the original software.

Safe and Efficient ECU Remapping For Your Vehicle