Flash Diesel is the #1 diesel performance tuning company in Australia, providing outstanding tuning services specially designed for Australian conditions. We utilize the latest modern equipment and technique to adjust your vehicle’s ECU to unleash its hidden capabilities.

Our ECU remapping and tuning software are expertly engineered and completely safe for your vehicle. When you get a Flash Diesel tune, you are guaranteed to get smoother acceleration, increased torque, more power, better throttle response, increased fuel economy, and more.

All our tuning products are locally developed and custom designed to suit your needs and vehicle’s capability. Furthermore, our technicians are highly trained experts, with years of experience working on a wide range of vehicles, including Ford, Hyundai, Holden, etc. passenger cars, motorcycles, tractors and other agricultural equipment, trucks, and transporters.

Flash Diesel

Flash Diesel
Outstanding Services

Flash Diesel has developed an outstanding reputation in Australia, as a reliable company that delivers exceptional tuning solutions, and exceeds its customers’ expectations. Our professional team includes individuals from diverse backgrounds, including dyno tuning, software development, diesel car engineering, engine building, custom fabrication, and more. We provide an extensive range of tuning options for different types and models of diesel vehicles, including:

ECU Chip Tuning

ECU Remapping

ECU Flash Tuning

At Flash Diesel, we do not buy tune files, but custom develop each tune file to meet the needs of each customer. Whether you need Flash Diesel tuning service for towing, fuel economy, power, or aftermarket modifications, we can help you achieve your goal.

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