Flash tuning is a diesel engine upgrade service that involves the updating or reprogramming of several engine control unit (ECU) parameters to enhance your diesel vehicle performance.

Several different parameters can be modified, such as the engine rev, ignition timing, power, torque, boost, and more.

ECU Remapping

Flash Diesel
Flash Tuning Benefits

Flash Diesel provides the best Flash tuning services in Australia. We flash tune your diesel engine by accessing and reading the memory of a vehicle’s ECU, analyzing the collected information, and then adjusting specific parameters to improve power and increase fuel economy. When you flash tune your diesel vehicle at Flash Diesel, you stand to enjoy several benefits including:

Increased fuel economy

Increased horsepower

Increased torque

Smoother acceleration

Reduced turbo lag

Reduced turbo lag

Flash Tuning Services

At Flash Diesel, we flash tune your diesel vehicle’s ECU with optimized parameters, to unleash the hidden capabilities of your diesel engine. Our outstanding flash tuning services provides you with more power and torque that enhance the performance of your vehicle, as well as decreases fuel consumption. We utilize the latest state-of-the-art tuning technology in all our dealer centers across Australia and have highly-trained technicians, who are experts at delivering outstanding flash tuning services.

Outstanding Flash Tunning Services