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Diesel engine vehicles offer several benefits over other types of combustion engines, including the ability to burn less fuel when exerting the same force, and the longer lifespan of its engine.

However, the capability of a diesel vehicle can be limited by the default settings of the internal components of its engine. Nevertheless, the modern diesel engine in vehicles has become fully electronic, which enables diesel engine tuning to be possible.

Diesel Tuning is the flashing of your diesel engine control unit to change the parameters for operating the engine, such as fuel duration and pressure limiters, boost pressure and limiters, throttle position, torque limiters, and more.


Flash Diesel

Benefits of
Diesel Tuning in Australia

Having your vehicle tuned by a diesel tuning expert such as Flash Diesel, offers several outstanding benefits, such as,

Increase in fuel economy by up to 20%

Increase in horsepower by as much as 200 horsepower

Increase in vehicle speed and twisting force.

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Flash Diesel is your best bet for getting exceptional diesel tune services in Australia. We provide safe and reliable diesel tune Australia services that increase the power and performance of your diesel engine. We offer all forms of diesel tuning services, as well as provide other services that will enhance the performance of your vehicle such as fuel injector replacement, oil catch can installation, and much more.

Unlike the copy-paste that is done by the majority of other diesel tuners in Australia, we utilize original diesel tuning software and customize the software to suit your specific requirement.

In addition, after the diesel tune procedure, we test all your engine parameters to ensure that your engine is operating optimally.  

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