Farmers and contractors require vehicles with higher power and torque to enhance the efficiency and speed of agricultural work, such as tillage, and harvesting. Fortunately, in the last decade, there are have been an increase in the production of tractors and other agricultural vehicles which have engine control units (ECU) installed.

Thus, rather than the manual adjustment of fuel pumps, the performance of agricultural vehicles can be enhanced with Flash Diesel.

Flash Diesel is the specialized procedure of remapping the ECU or custom tuning the diesel engine of agricultural vehicles, such as tractors…. to enhance their performance and make farm work easier and faster. To ensure that your vehicles do not underperform, Flash Diesel them quickly.

Agri Flash

Benefits of

Agri-Flash offers several benefits to the diesel engine of your agricultural vehicles. It enables your agricultural trucks, tractors, and harvesters to work harder, pull better, and operate on less fuel. With Flash Diesel outstanding Agri-Flash service, your diesel engine is guaranteed to enjoy several benefits, including:

Increased power and torque

Decreased operating temperature

Decreased fuel consumption

Increased speed and efficiency

Enhance Agricultural Vehicle Efficiency
with Agri-Flash

Flash Diesel is the best in Australia at providing specialized Agri-tuning solutions for agricultural machines and vehicles with diesel engines, to improve their power and torque and increase fuel economy.

Our Agri Flash services are custom designed and tailored to suit your vehicle and your needs, without compromising the functions of the vehicle, as well as to improve fuel economy. Our expert technicians are always available to test your vehicle and provide you with an achievable estimate for the gains that are possible for your vehicle.

Enhance Agricultural Vehicle Efficiency With Agri-Flash