Looking To Enhance The Performance
Of Your Diesel Engine To Meet Your Needs?

Get outstanding diesel tuning and diesel upgrade services to extract the most from your vehicle.
Flash Diesel provides exceptional diesel engine tuning and upgrades that will give you more power and torque, and better drive-ability.

We are the largest custom diesel tuning company in Australia, with over 15 years experience delivering outstanding diesel engine services throughout Australia and New Zealand.
Our technicians are experienced experts who deliver customised diesel solutions to meet the individual need of each customer.

Our Diesel Services

Diesel Tuning

We provide a wide range of expert tuning service to enhance the performance your diesel engine, while retaining the safety parameters of your diesel vehicle.

  • ECU Remapping
  • Dyno Tuning and Diagnostics
  • Catch Cans, Exhausts, and more

Diesel Upgrades

We provide a wide range of diesel upgrade services that will boost the performance of your vehicle and enable it to run at its fullest capacity.

  • Oil Catch Can Installation
  • Intercoolers Upgrades
  • Diesel Fuel Injectors, and more.

Diesel Vehicles

We provide outstanding diesel solutions that will enhance the performance of your engine, irrespective of the type or model of your vehicle.

  • Passenger Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Agricultural Vehicles, and more.

Flash Dealers

We provide our service in 6 states and over 26 locations in Australia, and all our dealers are committed to delivering outstanding diesel services.

  • Queensland
  • New South Wales
  • Victoria
  • Western Australia
  • South Australia
  • ACT

Benefits of Flash Diesel
Tune & Upgrades

At Flash Diesel, we provide outstanding diesel tune and upgrades is customised to suit your particular needs and requirement. When we diesel tune and upgrade your diesel engine, you gain;

Up to 20% more power and 15% more torque

Decreased fuel consumption (results may vary)

Improved engine performance and vehicle driveability

Better throttle response and smoother acceleration

What Our Customers Say

Maddison Macartney

Thanks to Flash Diesel for making driving fun for me again. After the work done on my Cruiser, I noticed great improvement in the acceleration and the vehicle’s ability to maintain a speed of 100 Km/h when towing. I couldn’t have asked for any more improvement. I will definitely recommend.

Maddison Macartney

Levi Warner

I’ve had some towing issues with my Colorado for a while now, and it has seen 2 other workshops in the past 2 months. However, my last stop was Flash Diesel, who was able to diagnose the problem swiftly, explain the solution in simple terms and resolve my concerns within half a day. Thank you

Levi Warner

Nathan Jenks

The guys over at Flash Diesel are nothing short of amazing! They were very professional in handling my diesel engine upgrades, and quite knowledgeable. I haven’t stopped boasting to my friends about the increased performance. If not for anything, I will definitely come back for the customer service. Big ups!

Nathan Jenks

Let Us Help You Extract More Power & Torque
From Your Diesel Engine

Why Choose Us?

At Flash Diesel, we continuously push ourselves and technology to new limits, to provide you with more power and torque, and better fuel economy. We offer:

Customized Diesel Tune

Outstanding Diesel Upgrades

Certified, Expert Team

Affordable Pricing