Diesel Tuning


Diesel vehicles are reliable, economical, and are incredibly popular with the Australian consumer, particularly in their 4x4 guise. What many people may not know is that Manufacturers often build these vehicles to a specification, then reduce the power output when delivered to market. Reasons for doing this include govt laws in some countries, varying fuel quiality and good old fashioned marketing headroom.

The great news for Diesel vehicle owners is that there are so many upgrades you can have done to your diesel vehicle that will improve the overall performance of your vehicle.

Flash Diesel is specialized in delivering professional diesel upgrades that will enable your diesel engine to run much smoother, boost the horsepower and torque, lower emissions and increase fuel economy.

Benefits of
Diesel Enging Tuning

Having your vehicle tuned by a diesel Flash Diesel expert offers several outstanding benefits, such as,

Greatly improved throttle reposnse.

Increased horsepower where you need it

Improved torque delivery (low down grunt)

Get Outstanding
Diesel Upgrade Services

In addition to the regular repairs and maintenance of your diesel vehicle, your diesel engine can also benefit from several types diesel upgrades. Diesel upgrades enable your vehicle to run at its fullest capacity and give out its maximum outputs. At Flash Diesel, in addition to our tuning services we also provide a wide range of diesel upgrade services that will enhance your vehicle, such as:

  • Oil Catch Can Installation
  • Intercooler Upgrades
  • Turbocharger Upgrades
  • Lift Kits, Whels & Tyres, & more.
Diesel Tune Upgrades