High intake temperature and heat can cause problems for your diesel engine. Intercooling can help by decreasing the temperature of the air that feeds into the intake.

Intercoolers are vehicle equipment that can provide your diesel engine with cooler and safer air to help increase oxygen density and decrease the heat in the combustion chamber, which improves power production and support more efficient, safer combustion.

The standard intercoolers that come with your diesel-engine vehicle are prone to flow restriction and heat soak. Therefore, you need a diesel intercooler upgrade that can more effectively reduce the inlet and running temperature of your engine.

Upgrading your intercooler can improve your engine’s reliability and efficiency, as well as provide more consistent and sustainable power.

Intercooler Upgrades

Types of
Intercooler Configuration

Intercoolers upgrades are designed to replace the regular standard factory intercooler unit installed in your vehicle by your manufacturer to provide excellent airflow. There are two main configurations of intercoolers namely; front mount intercoolers and top mount intercoolers.

Front mount intercoolers are large intercoolers that sit at the front of your vehicle, where they pump fresh air straight through the intercooler into the engine. They are great for vehicles that are not often used for off-road use and have no obstructive items fitted in front.

Top mount intercoolers are mounted on top of the vehicle’s engine, where they feed a supply of fresh air directly to the engine. They are perfect for vehicles that are regularly used for off-road use, as they are placed where damages from twigs, muds, etc. cannot occur.

Improve Your Diesel Engine’s Efficiency
With Upgraded Intercoolers

Intercoolers provide greater airflow and cooling capacity which increases the performance of your engine and boost its power by as much as 20%. At Flash Diesel, we are committed to providing a wide range of high-quality diesel intercooler upgrades to improve the efficiency of your diesel engine. We offer standard replacements as well as custom intercoolers installs that will suit your need and budgets.

We use a number of manufacturers and supplies of intercoolers upgrade kits to ensure we achieve your desired result. Our high-quality intercoolers, which have the intercooler core and all the piping, silicone joining hose and claps required. However, if you have an intercooler core only, our professional technicians can fabricate a suitable piping for you.

Improve Your Diesel Engine’s Efficiency With Upgraded Intercoolers