Catch Can

When oil vapor is produced as a result of engine blow-by, the oil can mix with the intake air, and the sticky oil can line components of your vehicle, such as the intake valves, intercoolers, inlet manifold, and turbocharger, leading to a reduction in your engine’s flow ability and efficiency.

To prevent this problem from occurring, you need to install a premium oil catch can. An oil catch tank is a device fitted into the crank or cam case ventilation system on your diesel vehicle to prevent oil vapor from re-entering the intake tract of your diesel engine.

It ensures that a cleaner air mixture goes through your intercooler and intake valves, which helps avoid caking on intake valves and other problems such as reduced power, and engine knocking.

Oil catch cans work by removing the oil from the intake air-oil mixture before the air flows into the engine, using a baffle system or steel wool, which separates the mixture and drops the oil into the catch can, where it is stored until it is emptied.

Oil Catch Can

Run On The Highest Power Possible
With Quality Oil Catch Can

Although a catch can does not add any power to your engine, it ensures that you have a clean, oil-free intake tract, which enables you to run on the highest power possible and economize fuel consumption. It also helps you avoid problems such as caking on intake valves, which can lead to a loss in power and fuel economy, pre-ignition issues, and engine knocking.

At Flash Diesel, we supply the best catch cans in Australia and have expert technicians who can fit the catch can perfectly to protect your engine. Our premium oil catch cans have unique safety valves and are compact enough to fit into the tightest space in your engine bay.

Furthermore, our professionals are experienced experts who will install the oil catch can at the best position for your vehicle, where it won’t over pressurize your engine. We also provide the minor periodical maintenance of your oil catch can and ensure that your can is properly emptied and fitted back.

Quality Oil Catch Can